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Getting your staff to do things the right way...

date: 12 Jul 2013

One of the challenges in business is getting everyone working in harmony. Often employers don't feel that their staff are doing things they way they want them to, so what's the answer


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How to apply what you've learnt from Business Coaching

date: 10 Feb 2014

Business Coaching clients are often limited in their time or resources, so I can provide additional business services myself, or through trusted business partners.


Not a Natural Sales Person?

date: 29 Jan 2014

Think you are not a natural sales person, so are reluctant to do it? EVERYONE needs to be a sales person - whether it’s selling the idea of eating broccoli to your child, selling the idea of doing menial tasks to your staff, the idea of you being the best person for the promotion to your boss, selling some products to the person who's hair you just styled, or your client's argument to a judge...


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Solution focused approach to raising low self esteem

date: 27 Feb 2014

Using a solution focused approach can make short work or raising low self esteem


Confidence for business and work

date: 05 Aug 2013

If you don't quite have enough confidence for business or work, and want to increase your self-esteem or reduce your anxiety symptoms, read on...


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