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The Butterfly Effect or ‘chaos theory’ suggests that with small changes, a very big difference can occur. Butterfly Effect Coaching is run by me, Vicky Kelly; I harness this theory and apply it to helping my clients achieve success, happiness and more profit!  Based in Leigh on Sea, covering South Essex, from the Southend area up to the City of London.  I offer interventions which focus on performance and improvement, in an enjoyable, manageable, sustainable way.

Whether for your business, your employees or for yourself. It is my firm belief that everyone deserves to get the best out of life, and shouldn’t have to do it on their own. The first step to being successful is sharing the effort!  Just as all the greatest sports people use a coach to help them, coaching creates a relationship whereby two minds together can combine and achieve great things. As an external observer, I can help you to identify areas for improvement which are easy for you to apply.  Anyone who wants to, can utilise more of the latent potential available to them, with my support. But don’t take my word for it, see the testimonials page for what my clients have to say…

As well as monitoring your performance and helping you to improve your business and career, my unique approach also helps you to discover your hidden barriers to success and happiness, as well as developing strategies and tools for achieving them.  Coaching is used by people at the highest levels in numerous fields, to challenge and improve thought patterns and actions, to turn those patterns into something which brings people more of what they want – professional or personal; from feeling more in control of your business, to earning more money! You will be held accountable for the actions which will make the difference to your success, and will feel supported and partnered as you make your improvements.

I am hugely passionate about helping my clients with small, manageable changes.  I like to listen and understand exactly what my clients wish to get from our appointments, and to that end I offer a free initial consultation, to discuss your needs and assess whether working together is right for you.

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