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I am passionate about people, planet & profit - I coach heart centred businesses & individuals who want to get the best of all 3.


We are all perfectly imperfect human beings, capable of incredible things. For many of us, THOUGHT can get the in way of us realising the best of ourselves and getting the best out of life, our relationships, careers or businesses. If you want to access the wonderful you that is on the other side of these contaminated thoughts, I can help you with that.  In a safe, empowering 121 environment (or via Skype) I can help you to understand your true nature and strip away your unhelpful thinking and beliefs.

I can help the people within your organisation to understand and achieve their full potential.  This can be done in a 121 setting, or a group format.  Traditionally this would be referred to as Life Coaching or Executive Coaching - I prefer now just to think of it as personal evolution.  Small changes in understanding, thought and belief can make a really big difference to individual wellbeing, happiness and productivity.

My passion for people also extends to ensuring that all people are getting a fair deal. Whether that's through fairtrade initiatives, promotion of equality, community/global interest projects to name but a few. See "Profit" for more info on how I help here!


I love and am grateful for the planet which sustains us.  I love and respect those companies who are working hard to make their business something which does good (or at least does as little harm as possible) to our environment (and the people on it).  In my role as a Business Coach I am particularly keen to help these businesses to thrive.  The more successful sustainable businesses there are, the quicker buyer behaviour will change and the larger companies will have to adapt. Again the small changes, make a big difference. If you wish to grow your eco-ethical, sustainable company, or transform your company into something more sustainable, get in touch.


It is possible to do good for the planet and the people on it, be yourself and do well in business.  My uncompromising approach to business coaching and mentoring will keep you true to your ethics and values, while helping you with the *stuff* that makes a business work.  You know, the boring things like a proper marketing strategy, sales processes, good Leadership & Management, KPIs, a clear plan and all that.  Working with me ensures all this small stuff is taken care of, so you can focus on doing what you love and making a big difference to the success of your company and the state of the world.

About me


I'm Vicky Kelly.  You know what I'm passionate about now.  If this sounds like a good fit, let's talk.  A successful coaching partnership depends upon us having a great relationship, so a conversation is always the place to start.  Just so you know I am pretty laid back, so if you want to Skype in your pjs, swear for emphasis and be eating your breakfast while we talk, I'm cool with that.  I'm tired of fitting molds myself, it's time to challenge convention and make a real difference!

"You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a catapillar" - source unknown

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