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Confidence for business and work

August 05, 2013 at 10:27 AM

If you don't quite have enough confidence for business or work, and want to increase your self-esteem or reduce your anxiety symptoms, read on...

I've heard it said that stress is what we experience when we perceive the demands on us to be more than we are capable of.  The key point here is the perception.  Perception of our own abilities is linked to our self-esteem and our confidence.  Many people falsely believe themselves to be incompetent at their work, and believe it is only a matter of time before they are 'found out', because they perceive that their abilities are not up to the requirement placed upon them.  Sometimes the requirement has been placed by an outside party (a boss, or a client) and sometimes it's a requirement that they have placed on themselves.

Frequently confidence is lacking and anxiety symptoms ensue because someone has simply expected too much of themselves, and then when they've come to do it, they've realised that they are going to find it difficult... The answer is simple.  Don't give yourself too much to do - learn to say no when demands are being put on you by other people.  Time is finite, if you genuinely aren't going to have enough time to do what you are being asked to do then say so.  Outsource or delegate it.  Nothing is worth putting yourself in an early grave for.

Alternately, there are many people who experience stress because their self-esteem is low, so they don't believe that they are capable of doing the work required.  This is limiting thinking which is a learnt behaviour which can be changed.  The problem with believing that you are capable of less than you are, is that you will do less.  The below diagramme as known as the generative cycle of success.  The better you believe yourself to be, the higher you will see your potential as being, so you will get on with taking the actions which will achieve the results you need and further increase your belief in yourself.


If you would like more confidence for business and work, try following these 3 simple tips:

1. Look for supporting evidence that you are capable.  It's all around you, work you've done the past, positive comments from colleagues and clients...

2. Give yourself feedback.  If no one around you is telling you what you are doing well then tell yourself.  It might feel strange, so make it a habit, at the end of each day write down what you did well.

3. Pretend you are American (apologies to any reading from the US).  Us Brits are frightfully good at selling ourselves short and not wanting to blow our own trumpets.  High five yourself instead!  Puff your chest out and tell people that you are GREAT!  It will feel strange at first, but after a while you will begin to believe it.

If you want to work on your confidence and assertiveness in a supportive group setting where you will get some great practical support and feedback, then come along to my confidence for business and work seminar.  The link for full details and sign up is below: 

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