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Feeling stressed?

June 24, 2013 at 9:45 AM

Feeling stressed is one  of the main hindrances to being confident in certain situations.  If your mind and body are caught up then it is difficult to express yourself in the calm and convincing way that allows you to appear and feel confident.


Here are some top tips of things you can do to help you to feel less stressed and benefit from more confidence in these important situations:

Immediate stress relief

  • Do some 'breath retention' exercises, which involve counting your breath.  The most popular one is to breathe in through your nose for a count of 4, hold your breath for a count of 6 and breathe out through your mouth for a count of 8.  Repeat this until you feel less stressed.
  • Listen to a calming or uplifting piece of music.  If you don't have anything available to listen to then sing it to yourself in your head.
  • Make some vigourous movements.  After an altercation ducks vigorously flap their wings, this allows them to let go of the adrenalin and stress hormones.  Running up and down a flight of stairs, or performing 10 start jumps should do the trick.
  • Write it all out.  If there is a particular situation which is really troubling you, writing it out asking yourself what you are going to do about each part will help you clarify and resolve the problem.  If there is something to do, do it, if not then decide to let your worries go instead.

Longer term stress relief

  • Practice yoga, pilates, or any form of active meditation (e.g. martial arts).  Something which allows you to focus the mind on the body is great for centering you, and bringing your attention back to yourself.  Regular practicers of these activities find they are less stressed than those who don't.
  • Plan your time better - time management doesn't necessarily mean getting more things done with your time.  In many cases it's just about making more realistic plans of how you will use your time.  Many people fall into the traps of either giving themselves too much to do day to day, which leaves them feeling overwhelmed; or they fail to set themselves any activities to do at all, so lose their available time to less worthwhile activities and end up feeling more stressed.  
  • Learn to say no - If you feel stressed because you are overwhelmed, then it is important not to take on any more.  Saying no is much easier than you think, do it apologetically, politely and definitely!  Try it!
  • Delegate more - when you are looking at the tasks you have ahead of you ask yourself, does this need to be done by me?  If you even waver slightly about saying yes to this, then ask yourself how you can best get someone else to do it.
  • Have some 'me time' - if you don't take time out to look after yourself, you'll be much less productive, so in the long run, me time is a great investment of your time.

To take a sustainable approach to being less stressed, a combination of the above to categories of stress relief is the most successful approach. Getting into good habits day to day, as well as taking control of the stressful feelings when they crop up is the way to reduce your stressed feelings significantly!  For more information on personal coaching to reduce stress or confidence coaching please follow the links, or get in touch for a free consultation...

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