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The majority of my Business Coaching clients came to me through recommendation. They weren't sitting around thinking "Oh my goodness everything is terrible, I don't know what I'm doing, I'd better get a Business Coach". Quite the opposite. The majority of my clients were actually quite happy with their businesses, but they had the foresight to realise that they might be missing something, or that they could be doing even better than they already were. So when someone else spoke to them about the benefits that they had experienced with Business Coaching, they decided to get some of those benefits for themselves. There are a number of different ways that Business Coaching can help.

How does Business Coaching help my clients?

  1. A Business Coach helps you to improve your bottom line. Ultimately this is what motivates a lot of business people. I work with my clients on their sales and marketing strategy. Helping them to generate and retain more clients, leaving them with more money at the end of each month, busier diaries, and the rewards that they really wanted when making the decision to go from employed to Business Owner.
  2. A Business Coach is an External and Impartial sounding board. I think about my clients' businesses in a different way to them. I help them to see things that they weren't aware of, and I provide a useful external perspective on any decisions that they are considering making. Large organisations have a board of directors, through whom important decisions are run before action is taken. Smaller businesses are often owner operated, or a partnership, so it's more difficult to get clarity on decisions.
  3. A Business Coach challenges the way things are prioritised. Us human beings are a funny bunch. There are certain things we are comfortable doing, and certain things we are not. As a general rule, we take the path of least resistance and do the easy things first. The problem with this is that the important stuff gets put off. I work with my clients on helping them to get clarity on what their priorities are, and give them the confidence, or strategy that they need to get the important things done.  And done well!
  4. A Business Coach helps with moving things forward, with goal setting and achievement. Business goals can be many and varied. From getting into a positive cash flow situation, opening up a second office, doubling turnover, exiting the business, and so on... I work with my clients to help them to create realistic yet challenging goals, that they are motivated to work towards. And work towards them in the most effective way possible.  
  5. A Business Coach helps businesses to work smarter. We've all heard the expression and rolled our eyes at it, yet every business I've worked with had the potential to be working more effectively, and improved to do so. Saving them time, which they either spent generating more business, or relaxing and doing leisure activities, depending on their personal priorities!

If you are interested in finding out how does business coaching help a business like yours, or a business person like you, then please get in touch. I am happy to discuss things over the phone, or meet up face to face if that's convenient, for a free informal chat. Absolutely no pressure or obligation. I only want to work with business that are really serious about having Business Coaching. Twisting people's arms does not get me the type of clients I like working with! 

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