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Over the years I've learnt so much about the needs of Small Businesses, that I have been able to develop packages of other Business Services that I can offer to provide practical support to them as they grow.  All of these are things which a business owner can do themselves, but if they lack the confidence or resources to do some, but know that they need doing, then a very sensible approach is to outsource the work to someone who is confident, and can do the work, probably much quicker than they can.  This keeps the business owner free to create more turnover for their business.  The additional Business Services that I offer are:

Implementing projects...

...And/or training those who will run them continuously.

If you have lots of ideas of directions that you want to take your business; new products or offerings you want to try out, or methods of communicating you would like to test introducing, then this service is perfect for you.  You can't take your eye of "Business as Usual" so there are only so many projects you can be running at a time.  I can work with you to establish your intention, and then create and implement the project on your behalf.  If you have staff you would like to be involved, then I can train them how to perform the various tasks which may be required, or I can keep this project going for you, on an ongoing basis.

This can be a one off project of a few hours or days, or an ongoing project with a small commitment of time required per week/fortnight.  Prices are on request, once I am clear on your requirement.  I'd suggest a free meeting to asertain this.


If you want to find out what your market is doing, which products may work well, how your competitors are behaving and doing, what your customers really want and/or think of your products/services... etc then I can conduct this research for you.  I can carry it out as myself, or as your company.  Or I can train your staff how to complete and feedback this research for you.  Pricing quoted per research project.

Early stages of staff selection

If you need another employee to help push the business to the next level, but haven't the time to wade through CVs and whittle it down to those worth interviewing; or if you have the time, but have no idea how to recruit someone without incurring big costs, then I can help with free advertising, job profiling, interview questions, telephone interviewing etc.  This is really for one off key individuals.  If you have regular recruitment needs, I suggest you use a recruitment company, or create an in-house recruitment system.

Marketing strategy implementation

As part of our coaching process it is inevitable that we will be reviewing and improving your marketing strategy. Often business owners can see the purpose of the marketing, but they find it hard to dedicate time to it; then ended up with a peak and trough business.  I.e. they are busy so no marketing is done, then things go quiet because no new leads have been generated, so in the quiet period excessive marketing activity takes place. They then get very busy so stop marketing and the cycle continues.  I would help you to create a marketing strategy which requires regular repeat action.  I can implement many of the activities for you; and outsource things on your behalf; meaning that you can be totally hands off if you wish...

Blogging/website upkeep

Many small business owners don't find time to regularly update their websites.  Which can mean they have out of date offers, they are not being regularly refreshed and improved, for the benefit of SEO.  If your website is a tool to generate more business for your business, then it MUST be regularly updated and reviewed.  Let me take this off your hands, and work with my expert partners, ensuring it is optimised to your benefit.

Implementing and Managing your CRM system

Once you've got customers and leads that you've worked hard to get, it's important to keep them feeling warm and fuzzy, without inundating them.  I can work with you to implement a customer relationship management system that pulls together all of your marketing communication, and generates activities for your sales staff.  I can also help you to manage the running of said system if required.

Staff Training

Anything you are keen for your staff to learn and start implementing to improve their performance, or progress your business can be taught in a one-to-one setting, or in a workshop for multiple staff.  If it is something technical that I do not teach personally, then I will use one of my expert business partners to provide the training.

Prices for all of these services are on request.  If you are not already a Business Coaching client, but are interested in any of these services, then let's meet for an informal chat (free of charge) and see what packages might best suit your business.

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