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Who runs Butterfly Effect Coaching?

March 22, 2013 at 7:38 AM

How much you get from coaching will depend on your relationship with your coach, so they have to be right for you.  Butterfly Effect Coaching is run by me, Vicky Kelly and I have my own unique style of coaching...


My strong belief is that the best form of change, is sustainable change, there's no point taking huge leaps and making radical changes in a short period, if these bouts of enthusiasm for a new way of doing things, will quickly get over taken by the regular day job.  I create sustainable change for my clients by working on small tweaks and ideas which can be brought in, which will become a part of their natural strategy or behaviour, which when sustained will bring about a big difference.  This is where the name "Butterfly Effect Coaching" comes from, as it's only a minor change which can build momentum.  Keep adding in these minor changes over time, and sticking with them, before know it you've got a greatly improved business or way of working.

Making this sort of change is possible for anyone looking to improve on anything, the trick is knowing what these changes are!  I work with my clients to help them to identify these changes and tweaks.  I listen to them and help them to analysis their activities and notice the small things which could be improved.  With agreed actions in place, I continue to work with them to hold them accountable for what they have agreed to do.  I am not a shouty coach, I do not tell my clients off if they haven't done the thing they agreed to do.  If there is something which hasn't been done, I work with them to identify what is getting in the way of it being done, and working out a way forward.  

If you're looking for a shouty, ruthless coach you've come to the wrong website.  If you are looking for someone friendly and warm, yet professional and results orientated who will get to know and understand you and the way you do things, and help you to identify realistic and sustainable improvements and changes you can make, then I can definitely help.  Whether it's a practical change or a more psychological one, I am adept at dealing with both.  So decide to make your situation work, acknowledge that a little outside help could make all the difference and take some of the responsibility from you, and get in touch!

If you are interested in finding out more, let's meet for a chat, find out more about each other and what the potential is to push your situation forward!  The is no cost or obligation for this conversation, so what have you got to lose?  

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