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How It Works

How does Business Coaching typically work? The process is simple; we have 4 steps to follow to get you from where you are NOW with your business, to where you want and deserve to be...

My job is simple; I work with you enabling you to execute the small changes which will make a big difference to your business.

Typically coaching is one to one; me to you.  There are a range of packages which can be tailored to suit your needs, and as an independent business coach my prices are very competitive.

Step One - Let’s talk: a free Business Review, to provide a snap shot of your business now, see the areas for improvement and ensure coaching is right for your business.
Step Two - Appropriate coaching package suggested for you.
Step Three - We get to work! Scheduled meetings, with agreed action points.
Step Four - Watch your business grow!

Business coaching packages vary depending on the number of hours of coaching required per month, and will often include support between appointments in the form of notes sent, and email/phone advice made available.  The regular session ensure accountability to the actions you need to take, and add momentum to your business growth.

Business Workshops.  As a Business Improvement Specialist for Pro-Actions, our Business Coach, Vicky Kelly, also offers Business Improvement Workshops.  Which are a small exclusive group of non-competing businesses that meet monthly, for group coaching and challenges to help them improve their businesses with peer support, and for very low cost.

I can work FOR you as well as with you; if you need help executing what we have planned.  View my additional Business Services here.

Not only will you gain an improved business, with clear strategy, and easy to follow sales and marketing process for which you will be held accountable on an ongoing basis; coaching can also help you to grow business balls, so you have the confidence and assertiveness required to get results. That doesn’t have to mean becoming a cut throat tycoon (unless you want to), it just means you learn how to be the best business person that you can be. I listen to you and get to know you and your business, and help you to discover how to run your business successfully, in a sustainable way that suits your personality. We may have to work on overcoming your limiting beliefs, or building your confidence or self motivation for certain things. If you want your business to be more than it is, or if you want what you are doing to be easier and more enjoyable, then get a business coach like me! I’m based in South East Essex, and work face to face here or in London, or by Skype.

Take advantage of a FREE no obligation consultation and find out how Business Coaching can help your business improve.

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