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What Is Executive Coaching?

Is executive coaching only for businesses who are having 'problems'? No, all businesses can benefit from executive coaching. But who will benefit from executive coaching?

Contrary to popular belief, coaching isn’t necessarily for people who have “problems” it is for people who can acknowledge that they can’t have 100% clarity all the time, people who are ambitions and would like to advance their careers, and for people who would benefit from having support – especially those higher up, who no longer have peer support. Your staff are engrossed in the day to day requirements of their work and life. Internal coaching or mentoring rarely works, as executives are not able to be entirely honest with the mentor. As I am entirely separate, I keep session totally confidential, and working with me enables them to take a step back, and find out what they are missing, what is preventing them from growing and achieving more.  Executive coaching is beneficial to all, and particularly suited to:

  • Managers and Senior Executives
  • Those in conflict
  • Individuals suffering from stress
  • Employees you need to build confidence and boost performance
  • Those in the talent pool you wish to develop

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