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Why Choose Butterfly?

What makes Butterfly Effect Coaching above the rest? What can Butterfly Effect Coaching do for your business? What benefits will come from choosing Butterfly Effect Coaching?

Many organisations are training up employees internally to provide coaching.  While this is better than no coaching at all, there are various pitfalls.  Training is expensive and trained employees may later leave the organisations.  Those employees have a day job to do, so the additional responsibility of providing coaching for others will reduce their productivity and/or cause them stress.  They are unable to remain impartial, and may find it difficult to keep sessions confidential.  Additionally, those receiving coaching from other employees may not feel able to openly discuss all of their challenges and concerns, or ambitions for advancement.  Using an external coach takes these pitfalls out.

Based in the Southend area of Essex, I am well positioned to serve all of Essex and the City. I work independently, so I am in a position to offer very affordable coaching packages. Unlike other Executive Coaches, I am also able to offer an element of life coaching to ensure a healthy work/life balance, and provide your staff with an outlet to discuss any problems they may be facing outside of work, which may be impacting on their performance or attitude at work. I help them to work on their Confidence, to look at their options for Career Progression, improve their Communication and Time Management skills. This is perfect for the executives you wish to invest in, but are finding it difficult to quantify what their corporate training needs are.  My time with your employees will be spent thinking solely about them, not the day job I need to get back to.

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