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Since investing in Vicky’s services, I have managed to increase my sales by 30% in the first month. Oh, and I feel great about myself too. I am confident, happy, focused and already realising that I was always a success, but didn’t believe it.
R Snow
Leigh on Sea, Essex
When the session was completed and I went home, I felt a wave of joy and pleasure sweep over me and for several days afterwards I was on a ‘high’
I feel so much calmer and more in control now. I don’t get stressed out by the same situations anymore. Even my husband has noticed the difference!
Gemma Smith
Vicky has a natural ability to encourage and subtly bring about change, through either looking at long-term or short-term targets and bringing them together with steps in between. With careful thought and preparation that goes into the session on Vicky’s part, the time flew by as we discussed seemingly insignificant aspects, which had much greater baring on than I anticipated. I would have no hesitation in recommending Vicky to friends or colleagues, and to anyone in business who cares about their well being, or those wanting to improve themselves
J Isherwood
Vicky provides a very efficient and detailed service that is very personable and directed towards the best interests of her clients. This had led to me now having direction and focus in the next stage of my search for a second career. I unequivocally recommend Vicky and her service to anyone who requires assistance with finding who they are and what they are in order to ascertain what they want from a second career!
P Alexander
When I first met Vicky I thought I had gone as far as I wanted in my career. I enjoyed my job and felt I was good at it. I had no aspiration to progress any further than I had. Vicky was able to make me see things from a different angle and soon I was thinking “why shouldn’t I try to progress?” Already I have made another step “up the ladder”, even though it’s only in an “acting” role, I now have the motivation and desire to WANT to progress my career. If I had never been a client of Vicky’s I’d still be in the same role. Vicky is someone I would highly recommend for life or career coaching
Steve Mason

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