About Me

It’s time for something different…

I love what I do. I’ve been coaching individuals, groups and businesses since 2009. At first I followed the standard path, doing a coaching qualification, learning NLP, NVC, SFBT and lots of other CPD (not to mention my degree which was 50% business studies). Then I found the 3 Principles which bridged the gap between what I already knew about Non-duality and how I was working with my clients. The evolved into the inside-out understanding I now bring to my clients and blew all the other interventions I used to work with for personal development/life coaching out of the water. Once you understand this truth it’s impossible to forget about it, so it’s naturally become a big part of the way I work whether I’m working with you personally, or on your profession.

A similar evolution occurred with my Business Coaching model – it’s blossomed into something which reflects what is important to me. As you can probably tell I care a lot. Some would say too much. I care about sustainable business – for the planet, the animals, the people who make our clothes and post our parcels. I care about the individuals I encounter day to day who are working hard and feel exhausted. And I care about those I don’t encounter, who remain hidden in the system…

I have been a compassionate soul for some time, but the few years in particular have woken me up big time to:

  • My own consumption and the impact that all of it has.
  • The benefits of organic produce, not just for me personally, but for the planet.
  • The importance of buying from companies who are transparent and care about all the impacts of their supply chain.
  • The number of people who are less fortunate than me (the homeless, ill, disabled, refugees, etc).
  • The out of control (currently) usage of plastics and the harm that does globally.
  • The sad belief that while a lot of people really do care, a lot more don’t believe it will affect them in their lifetime so aren’t motivated to do anything about it (so we need to make it easy for them).
  • The fact that if we want change, we have to make it happen ourselves – not rely on our government.

I am super motivated to be a part of this change. From my own buyer behaviour to the emphasis of my business, I want to only have a positive impact on the planet and the people / animals residing on it. As such I am a member of the Organisation of Responsible Businesses and a supporter of green and ethical ventures wherever possible.  Funnily enough, the understanding I share just kind of does that to you.  It helps to bring a completely different perspective to life, so suddenly convenience and consumption aren’t as important and compassion and fair trade. 

Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member

All that serious stuff said, just so you know I am pretty laid back, so if you want to Skype in your pjs, swear for emphasis and be eating your breakfast while we talk, I’m cool with that. I’m tired of fitting molds myself, it’s time to challenge convention and make a real difference!

I’m also keen on yoga, paddle boarding, surfing and snowboarding (badly), music festivals, the curly girl method (if you have curly hair and don’t know what this is, Google it!), biodegradable glitter, Vikings, lie-ins, reading really deep stuff, vegan barbecues. But I don’t like spirulina.

Want to know more about how I can help? Drop me a line or give me a call. A successful coaching relationship depends upon a great rapport, so it’s important to talk. I want to get to know you, see inside your world and we can assess how we’d go from there!