Always thinking about work?

Apr 12, 2019 | Executive Coaching

Does your mind churn, every evening, overnight, at the weekends? Always thinking about work. What’s coming up, problems that could arise, what your colleagues/clients may think of you?

With all that on your mind, it’s reasonable to conclude that your work is very demanding, it’s really important that you don’t drop any balls and that’s why you’re always thinking about work.

What if I was to suggest that it’s not about your job or business, it’s about your ego? 

Don’t worry, I’m not implying that you are an arrogant person with an inflated sense of importance.  “Ego” is an easy term I use to describe the sense of self that believes it needs to get life right.  In society at the moment, egos are running the show.  We have 7.5 billion egos all trying to get life right, yet all with slightly different thoughts on what “right” is.  The ideas that we do hold are wobbly at best because no sooner have we achieved the thing that we thought we needed, then we’ve noticed the way that someone else is doing life, and wonder if their way is more “right” than ours.   Or, we just go into a state of fear over losing whatever condition we’ve acquired!

It’s a bit of a cosmic joke really.  The idea that our security and sense of being “good enough” can come from a set of conditions – which are, by their nature, insecure.  These conditions can pass at any time.  No matter how hard we work, or how vigilant we are. 

That doesn’t mean that we need to live in fear of losing them (which is often what is happening for someone who is always thinking about work and finds it difficult to switch their mind off when they aren’t at work).  What it does mean is that, if we want to feel secure, we need to look to something other than our conditions. 

But to what?

I encourage my clients to look to what is permanent.  The sense of self which isn’t attached to anything, not even the body.  We’ve all experienced this – the awareness of self, without the awareness of our body – then we are suddenly surprised at how far we’ve driven, or how we managed to make that cup of tea while daydreaming about the weekend.  And then we’re back, believing that the body is who we are.

This is because our conditioning taught us that sense of self comes from within the body.  When we believe that, we believe ourselves to be a separate ego that needs to get life right.  But there is no right.  And chasing a non-existent right makes it so hard to switch off.  So this can’t be the way to live.  Surely there has to be another way.

There is.  It’s found in the transformational paradigm shift that I share with my clients.  Stop seeing yourself as the Ego, and start seeing yourself as the sense of being that is always present.  There’s more to it than that of course, but can you just imagine how you’d feel if you didn’t believe that there was a “right” way to get life?

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