Arse covering and the environment

Jun 25, 2019 | True Nature

War On Plastic

I’ve been watching the War On Plastic on BBC One with Anita & Hugh the last three of weeks.  What has been interesting to observe (although not surprising), is that whenever Anita, Hugh or any of those involved in the programme approach an organisation, person or the government about the plastic issues that are being raised, they are immediately met with arse covering and vagueary (if that’s a word).  At a time when the attention of the country is very clearly and directly acknowledging that there is a big problem and that something needs to be done about as a matter of urgency if we would like life in its present form to continue – the people who are in a position to make changes’ first reaction is one of self-protection.

plastic pollution


This seems to me, to be the fundamental problem.  Whether the reaction is “Why should I go without the thing I like having?” or “Our company is compliant and will continue to be compliant with the legislation on this issue” (not said, and will not do any more as we want to make big profits) or “our government will look to address this seriously” (vague), it comes from the same place:

I need to protect myself.

This need to protect the individual comes from a mistaken belief that we are all separate.  That who we are is limited to this individual body/mind, and that the protection and promotion of it is the most important thing.  I.e. it’s pointless protecting the planet if my company won’t be making as much money.  Or “why should I do my bit if Tom at number 67 isn’t doing his?”  

When we remove the belief in separation and identify with the sense of Being, rather than the individual body, it no longer makes sense to do things for the benefit of the individual, when it’s to the detriment of anything else. That’s why my interest in sharing this understanding in my work is so strong.  A few years ago I thought I would focus my coaching efforts on helping eco-friendly businesses to do well, but it makes much more sense to me now, to focus on removing the obstacles in the way of the desire to do what is right for all.

It’s my belief that a Non-dual understanding makes way for loving behaviour.  Whether that’s in business, towards the environment, in relationships of towards yourself.  It’s my pleasure to share this understanding in some of the work that I do.

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