Being a Responsible Business Coach

Oct 23, 2017 | Business Coaching

Being Responsible is good for business.  It’s what consumers want. Gone are the days of making profit regardless of the non-financial costs.

Joining the Organisation of Responsible Businesses

I’m proud to announce my membership of ORB.  The Organisation of Responsible Businesses.  As part of my membership I made the following pledge:

“I pledge to operate my business in an honest and ethical manner; to consider people and the environment when making business decisions; and endeavour to make a positive contribution to the local community and society at large.

 Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB). Responsible Business Member

Personally, I believe it’s really important for businesses who believe in doing ‘good’ business to be open about their practices.  This helps consumers to know that they are buying into a business who cares.  For me, understanding a company’s ethos has become a prerequisit to whether I will buy from them or not. This can mean spending a lot of time researching companies before making a decision.  The easier companies make it for consumers to understand their responsible ethos, the quicker the buying decision can be made.

What’s a Responsible Business Coach?

The role of a Business Coach is to provide support and enable motivation in Business Owners, usually who wish to grow. Providing external perspective and helping the owners to find their own abilities and feel empowered to grow their businesses.  To me, being responsible as a business coach means a couple of things.  Firstly, it’s about ensuring that the businesses I help are considering the wider impacts of the decisions that they make.  They are consciously aware of any impacts that they are having and all their practices are ethical and for the good of all whom they encounter.  This includes themselves, their team, their customers, supply chain, the local and global community and environment.

Secondly it’s about helping businesses for whom “being responsible” is a huge part of their business model, to also be successful.  To truly be a sustainable business, you have to be able to support yourself financially. Reinvesting year after year to ensure that you are able to keep making the difference you are making.  From time to time, businesses are set up with huge passion for the cause, but there are some areas where a little help is needed.  This may be things like managerial practices, knowing how to market effectively or run the business profitably.  Even if the business is ‘Not for Profit’.  No organisation will survive if it is making a loss year after year.  If this sounds like you, let me help you make your ethos part of your competitive advantage, and let’s really make a difference in the world!


Responsible Business Coach

Being responsible is good for business…

Find out more!

On Tuesday 7th November 2017 I’m jointly involved in running a business lunchtime workshop with Enterprise4Good.  Our workshop is called:

Driving Profits by Doing ‘Good’: A Triple Bottom Line Approach to Enterprise Growth.

It’s free to attend.  We’ll be sharing thoughts on what passionate and responsible business owners can be doing to be successful in today’s market place.  Book your place today!  Tickets are available on Eventbrite now.

Want to know more about how I can help? Drop me a line or give me a call. A successful coaching relationship depends upon a great rapport, so it’s important to talk. I want to get to know you, see inside your world and we can assess how we’d go from there!