My bravest article yet

May 29, 2018 | 3 Principles

Up until now, all of the articles that I have written about the human experience have been designed to be accessible, to be relatable.  To be read at a level that pretty much anyone could ‘get’ what I’m pointing to.  To gently point readers in a direction slightly different to the one they have been moving in, but without spooking them.

This morning I am struck with an unignorable drive to write something different.  To go further than scratching the surface and to tell you how I really see it.  Not how I see it but watered down in case how I see it isn’t palatable to you.  I realise now that this approach, while it makes sense in many ways, has also been done with maybe a pinch of fear.  With some notion of having something to lose.  While I believe these articles have all had value, and I’m sure I will continue to write more like them – I know that I don’t have anything to lose by going all in, and here’s why.

The way that I understand life now can be simply explained as this:

It’s not how it looks.  Life isn’t a series of things that are happening to us and we are being proactive or reactive about.  Life is an expression of consciousness (or awareness).  What we experience as life all comes from the place of awareness.  It is like a dance or a play unfolding, and we are a participatory audience (like in those immersive theatre experiences).  We are the awareness that watches the play, and we are also in the play.  The play cannot hurt us or elate us really. We can have the experience of being sad or happy whilst immersed in it, however, who we really are is not something that can be hurt.

Make sense?  It goes further than that.  The audience is One. There are no individual members of the audience who are watching/involved in this play. There is one audience, but with billions of different plays unfolding.  Yet we all have the same experience.  We all have the experience of life unfolding before us, appearing as if we are a separate human individual, an ego, a personality, and that we have something to lose or gain.  And that our objective is to ‘win’ at the game of life – whatever that may mean to us.  So we strive.  We strive to be happy, to acquire things/people/experiences that we believe can bring us more happiness.  But none of it can, because all of it is transitory.  If we live our lives seeking happiness from things which are guaranteed to pass (at some point) then we live our lives in insecurity.

However, if we live our lives knowing that we are the awareness from which all experience unfolds, none of it can hurt us.  And we don’t need any of it to make us happy.  We already are happiness.  We are whole and perfect.  We are divine.  We feel that divinity in moments when our thoughts, our ego, drops away.  We live a dance of moving between seeing ourselves as this ego that we believe we are and dropping out of it into peace, happiness and wellbeing.

That peace happiness and wellbeing is always with us. We have nothing to fear.  Nothing to lose.

So it’s with nothing to fear and nothing to lose that I am writing this article.  Going to a place that I know could put some people right off ‘me’, hitting the unfriend button, or just deciding to steer well clear in the future. There was a point in my life when I would have had this reaction too.  But that’s okay.  I know that I am fundamentally fine, even if that’s what everyone thinks of this.

Some people may read this article and think “Hmmmm, I can see what you’re saying but I’m not too sure about it”.  That’s okay too.  Keep looking.  For me it wasn’t an immediate revelation, it’s something that has crept from the background into the foreground over a number of years.

Hopefully some of you will read this and hear something that stops you in your tracks, at least momentarily.  You may not be able to put words to what you feel.  That’s also okay.  You don’t need to.  Just feel it.  That’s the truth/peace/love/happiness of who you are.  Before the ego.  Before thought.  Let’s rest in that place.

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