Calling out the ego

Oct 15, 2018 | Personal Development

Not a day goes by when there isn’t fodder available for the ego to reinforce itself with.  

Whether that’s in the form of apparently inspiring quotations about what we can achieve.  In references made which connect certain events with certain feelings, as if there is a direct causal link.  Whether it’s in a conversation in which we are asked to describe ourselves, or asked what we think about something.  Asked how much money we make, or what our house is like.  Or whether it’s in the separation of groups rallying against other groups.

In current western society, this kind of reference is always there.  So it takes a willingness to go against the grain, to break the mould, to seek to do the opposite.  To point out that the egoic separate self is not who we really are.  And this notion will be met with fear, derision and confusion, just as much as it is met with awe, wonder and laughter.

So why do it?

Why point out to anyone that they aren’t their ego?  Well, simply put, because the ego is at the centre of all suffering.  The very nature of the ego is the idea of separation, lack, needing to be good enough.  The ego is what seeks and what resists.  The ego cannot be satisfied.  It can experience temporary relief, but never lasting happiness.

So if the ego isn’t the centre of happiness, why make it the centre of existence?  It doesn’t make sense.

Calling out the ego

What does make sense is to point away from what we are not, to what we are.  Or another way of explaining this is going back to the essence of the self before anything has been put on it.  If you leave behind ideas of your name, your job, financial, health or relationship status.  Leave behind any stories of what’s bothering you, or what you need.  Leave that behind for just a few moments and explore what’s left.  The fundamental essence.

What we’re left with is pure awareness.  Awareness that has no shape or size.  No preference or desires.  No limits. No fear or shame.  No concept of being good enough.  Awareness that just is.  If awareness has no limits, how many awarenesses can there be?  Only one.  Not billions.  One.

When we look in this direction, when the stories of the ego go quiet, we can see and feel that who we really are is unconditional peace and happiness.  That this is no separate you and me.  That the ego character with which we navigate life isn’t who we really are. Suddenly our needs, wants and desires are less important.  They no longer cause us to suffer.  To act in a way that isn’t in alignment with our true self.  We are free to live unconditionally.  To be able to approach any situation with love and understanding.  Imagine if every ego character approached life in this way…

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