Career Coaching

Sep 26, 2017 | Personal Development

  • Do you feel stuck in a rut?

  • Sick of your boss, overworked and underappreciated

  • Looking at Career Change ideas and feeling unsure

  • Wanting career progression

A career change at 40 can feel extremely daunting. Spare a thought for those leaving the military after they’ve completed their 22 years. If they can manage it then a career change at 30 or 40 is certainly doable. Whatever your age or position in life, it’s possible that a new career could be exactly what you need and deserve. Although maybe you just need more career development in your current role and a better work/life balance. With numerous options to consider, whether it’s career change or career progression, Career Coaching can help you.

Be supported and partnered as we work together to get you the right result for your career change. I act as a totally impartial sounding board, and through a series of expert coaching sessions you are encouraged to reflect on what is right for you and challenged to achieve future success as you change career, by undertaking targeted actions to realise these goals. You learn to understand yourself and overcome any hurdles you encounter along the way. Never undersell yourself… You have the resources you need, you just need help to identify them, and to take you on to a second career which will bring you the job satisfaction that you deserve.

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