Category: 3 Principles

A beginner’s guide to the true self.

Understanding the ‘You’ that underpins my work I’ve decided to write a series of brief blogs to introduce you to understanding I refer to within the coaching model I use.  This will be a series of brief blogs, which each give you a little food for thought,... Read more

Scotland Retreat – April 26th-29th 2019

Scotland Retreat – April 26th-29th 2019 Space, tranquility, conversation – an exploration of our true nature… Along with my wonderful colleagues Sara Priestley & Ali Scott, I’m pleased to be offering a relaxing, immersive and... Read more

My bravest article yet

Up until now, all of the articles that I have written about the human experience have been designed to be accessible, to be relatable.  To be read at a level that pretty much anyone could ‘get’ what I’m pointing to.  To gently point readers in a direction slightly... Read more