Category: Personal Development

Hiring a Wellbeing Coach

Wellbeing – the sense of ‘being’ within which wellness is always present. Why Wellbeing?Due to increased poor mental and emotional health, as well as stress-related illnesses, costing employers and the NHS a lot of money, wellbeing has been brought to the forefront of... Read more

Mental Health

Why you could come to me when you might otherwise go to a counsellor. Coach, not a counsellor First, let me start by being clear that I am not a counsellor.  My approach is very different to any style of counselling (or coaching!) you may have previously experienced. ... Read more

The Joy of Not Getting What You Want

How mundane it would be, if everything you wanted just popped into your life, with ease, every time. I often write articles about how we don’t need anything to be a particular way, for us to experience happiness.  There aren’t a binary set of conditions that if we... Read more

The Source of Stress is Misunderstanding

And the absence of stress comes from a change in understanding, not from changed behaviours or conditions. The Misunderstanding Like love, true wellbeing is unconditional.  Yet when it comes to both love and wellbeing, society has taught us to expect certain... Read more

An Anxiety Case Study

This understanding of life can have implications for those experiencing anxiety. With kind permission from Bradley, I’m sharing his story about how our work together has made a significant difference to his anxiety. When Bradley came to see me, his initial thought was... Read more

Can’t get no satisfaction?

Here’s a question for you to consider, hand on heart. Are you seeking satisfaction anywhere in your life?  In your work, your relationships, family, social life, with your body, your health?  Anywhere at all?Do want to tweak, change and improve certain areas,... Read more