Category: Personal Development

Can’t get no satisfaction?

Here’s a question for you to consider, hand on heart. Are you seeking satisfaction anywhere in your life?  In your work, your relationships, family, social life, with your body, your health?  Anywhere at all?Do want to tweak, change and improve certain areas,... Read more

Reading this post could be life changing

The term “life changing” can be so emotive. A life-changing injury.  A life-changing opportunity.  Having children will change your life.  Being a victim of a crime or trauma is life-changing.  A chance encounter with a stranger could change your life.  And so on and... Read more

Self-care Vs knowing yourself

Why self-care isn’t as caring as it appears. At the moment my social media feeds are full to bursting with articles and advertisements on the importance of self-care.  These articles go into how important it is to look after yourself and what could happen if you... Read more

Don’t follow your dreams

WTF?  A coach, writing an article entitled “Don’t follow your dreams?”  What next, a nutritionist telling you to eat processed food? The coaching world is absolutely choc-a-bloc with articles and courses on how to smash your goals, make your dreams come true and... Read more