Category: Personal Development

Living Intentionally

Living Intentionally Do you start each day with a clear purpose? A clear idea of who you are and how you want to show up that day?  Or do you just sort of get up and get on with it? I first came up with the idea of Living Intentionally as a kind of antithesis to... Read more

The Energy Of Acceptance

The Energy Of Acceptance When we can accept, rather than resist, change is possible. But what does acceptance really mean?  Does it mean just taking things as they are and being defeated, hopeless and lethargic?  Absolutely not.  It’s a subtle, but very... Read more

Creating a Life You Love

Creating a Life You Love When I first set out on my journey to become a life coach, I thought that the primary reason people would choose to work with me would be in order to create a life that they love. I expected that that would be through changing their career, or... Read more