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Arse covering and the environment

War On PlasticI’ve been watching the War On Plastic on BBC One with Anita & Hugh the last three of weeks.  What has been interesting to observe (although not surprising), is that whenever Anita, Hugh or any of those involved in the programme approach an... Read more

You Already See True Nature

Another blog post in the ‘Beginners guide to true nature’ series.I find myself being very gentle in my sharing. Whether writing, speaking or coaching 121. Taking my clients on a journey from the way they are taught to see something, to a fundamentally... Read more

Know Yourself – Save the World

Emissions are soaring.  The temperature is rising.  All the plastic that has ever been produced still exists today.  The problem is obvious, and the solutions appear to be, but there’s something in the way. That thing is the belief that who we are is limited to our... Read more

Experiment with letting go

What if we’re not this body? What if we’re not this idea of a separate self called <insert your name>?  What if who we really are is the awareness of the experience of <insert your name>?  What would that mean?!It would be that <insert your name> can... Read more

More about the Scotland Retreat!

Below you will find a few videos which answer all the finer detailed questions you may have about coming on the Scotland Retreat.If this is the first you’ve heard of it, hop on over to post giving the when, why, where and who first (link below), then come back... Read more

Making peace with the past

Do we want to make peace with the past, or do we want Peace, full stop? Our culture teaches us that our past experience can stay with us; affecting us in our day to day, as ‘emotional baggage’ or in patterns of behaviour that have become our habits.  Our culture also... Read more