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Obsessed with success

Life is a quest.  A quest for success.  Life is a quest.  A quest for success.  A quest to be the very best version of yourself that you can be.  To strive and become good at your trade, to earn money, respect and recognition.  To be accomplished, an expert in your... Read more

Who we are knows no ‘Wrong’

Following on from my article on the futility of trying to get life right, it felt important to turn attention to why we’re okay not to pursue getting it right. Simply put, who we really are doesn’t care.  Who we really are cares not what car we drive, how well we are... Read more

Business Coach for Sustainable Business

I’ve always been someone who cares about doing the ‘right’ thing. In recent years I care more and more. I find myself questioning the choices that I am making as a consumer, asking myself “If I say yes to this – what are the other... Read more