Change Management

Jul 4, 2018 | Executive Coaching

…and why we avoid change.

If there is one thing that we can be certain of in life, it’s that we can’t be certain of anything.  Absolutely everything that we consider real or solid in our lives is subject to change at some point and in some way.  All things are transient.  And that includes us, but that’s not the article I’m writing today.

Today I wanted to write about change management, and how fascinating it is that, despite living in a world where absolutely nothing is guaranteed to stay as it is, the majority of us still want and expect it to.  We try to protect and hoard things and maintain the status quo.  It doesn’t matter how forward thinking you are, everyone at some time tries to create security for themselves in an innately insecure, objective world.

Work place change

This article is just focusing on change in the work place.  A common situation is a clash of intentions between a person or group of persons who want change, and a person or group of persons that doesn’t agree (either wanting things to stay the same, or preferring a different type of change).  This can be problematic and ‘slowing’ for a company whom are keen to be dynamic and stay ahead of the game.  So why does it happen and what can we do about it?

change management business leadership

Well it happens simply because most of us spend a large amount of time believing that we are not whole, complete, perfect, or secure as we are and mistakenly believe we need some kind of external circumstances to give us whatever it is we think we lack.  When we believe a change is going to rock our security, or take away from us something which we have attached our wellbeing and idea of who we are to, then of course we will resist that change.  This resistance creates suffering (for the one resisting) and they then become even more concerned about the change. Mistakenly believing that that it is the change – rather than the resistance – that creates that suffering.

No resistance

When we understand who we really are and where our wellbeing really comes from, change looks different. There is no emotional need to resist it. Of course people may still have a preference about the way they would like to see things go, but without the sting in the tail.  Without believing that this is of significance to them. Why would we ever strongly resist change if we knew that who we are is already fundamentally okay?

It is my great privilege and honour to be asked to go into companies and share this understanding with their teams, because those who have seen this different understanding – that who we are is already whole, complete, perfect and needs nothing to feel secure – have no doubts about the benefit of their teams also knowing this.

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