Do You Communicate Your Business Message Effectively?

Oct 30, 2017 | Business Coaching

If not, you are losing potential clients and selling your business short. This article contains some simple rules to follow to ensure that you communicate your business message effectively, so you can engage potential clients easily.

  1. Be clear. If you want to communicate your business message effectively you first have to be clear yourself on what the message is that you want to be giving out. This requires you to be aware of what the vision and purpose of your business really is. How often do you stop to think about that? Do it now. Is your business always communicating this message?
  2. Be consistent. For instance if you wish to communicate that your business is a professional and trustworthy organisation, then all of your communication needs to be delivered in a professional way, and provide information from trusted sources, or which can be backed up. Your website, business card, Linkedin Profile, Facebook page, and personal appearance and manner of speaking all need to be consistent with the message that you are professional and trustworthy.
  3. Be compelling. We are being communicated with all of the time, so our brains have learnt to be selective to what we’ll pay attention to. You message needs to be able to get through the noise. Is it currently doing that? If not, put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer and think about what is important to them. How can you capture their attention and prove that you can meet that need before they have passed their eyes over your message and decided to move on?
  4. Be believable. If you speak and write about what you do with confidence and passion, and back it up with testimonials, you will get business. If your voice is small and shaky and you can’t be positive about your business, you probably won’t. Transform the latter into the former (and get help to do so!)
  5. Get checked! Once you’ve reviewed your communication and improved it to be more effective, ask someone who has seen your message to tell you honestly what they think you and your company are all about. This is a great opportunity to find out what potential misunderstandings your future clients might have about your offering, so you can put your communication right.
  6. Tell them what to do next. Communication is part of an ongoing sales cycle. The most common mistake made by business owners is missing the opportunity to close the sale. If you don’t offer any suggestion as to what they should do with your message, then you will lose them. You message could be anything from “buy now” to “enter this competition” to “click on this page”. If you don’t give them a gentle push it’s an opportunity (and one you might not get again) missed.

Your sustainable advantage

If your business has something that stands you apart from the competition in terms of ethics, environmental responsibility, social policy etc – make sure you include this in your message! Customers want to do business with ethical companies. Make sure they know that yours is one.

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