Dealing with Stress

Sep 26, 2017 | Executive Coaching

Research shows that work related stress is the most harmful, and can impact not just on the individual’s quality of life, but also on their ability to perform in the workplace.

As a business owner, or team leader you will know that…

  • Poor Concentration Means More Mistakes
  • Mistakes Cost Money
  • Tiredness Means Reduced Productivity
  • Irritability Causes A Poor Work Atmosphere

A Poor Work Atmosphere Leads To High Staff Turnover And Recruitment Costs. Stress is one of the biggest cause of serious illnesses. Help yourself or your executives to reduce mistakes and save you money by putting yourself or these individuals through a course of coaching sessions to help you/them de-stress, feel more satisfied, look after their health, manage their time and communicate more effectively. And if your company provides health cover, you might be interested to know that the health care costs of those affected by stress have been found to be 147% higher than those who aren’t stressed. Can you afford not to do something to reduce the stress levels of your executives?!

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