The Energy Of Acceptance

Oct 29, 2023 | Personal Development

When we can accept, rather than resist, change is possible.

But what does acceptance really mean?  Does it mean just taking things as they are and being defeated, hopeless and lethargic?  Absolutely not.  It’s a subtle, but very important energy shift.    

When we are not accepting things as they are, we are experiencing resistance.  Resistance is painful and (very often) resistance is futile.  When we occupy the position of “things should be different” we a in a pretty stuck, unpleasant place.

When we are accepting that things (currently) are the way they are, or we are at least experiencing a willingness to potentially accept that things are the way they are, we are open to possibilities and movement.  

So what can we do with this willingness to accept?  How do we direct our energy of acceptance?  Here are some ideas:

Find gratitude.

If you can look at the situation as bringing something positive to your life, it starts to feel totally different. GOOD even! Consider these questions:
  • What is the silver lining/collateral beauty of this situation?
  • What opportunity is this creating that I wouldn’t otherwise have?
  • While this situation may not be ideal, what are the things that come with it, for which I am grateful? Make as long a list as you can.
  • How have I grown as a result of this?
  • How is this going to serve me in the future?

Find learning.

Everything in life is an opportunity to learn. Some people see that as the DESIGN of life, for others it is just a healthy attitude to take to the challenges of life.
To find learning from the situation spend a little time reflecting on this question:
“This situation is pointing me to something that I need to learn, which will in some way, help me have a better experience of life. What is it I need to learn?”
And just wait to see what comes up! Don’t try to “think” of the answer. Feel into it instead and give it time to form. Once something comes up you can go on to ask “And what action do I now need to take?” if that isn’t part of the answer already.

    Shift gears.

    If all else fails, try this really simple energy shift, from a resisting “this should be different” to an empowering:
    “This could be different.  How?”
    And get ready to take a little action for change.
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