Finding who we really are

Jul 18, 2018 | Personal Development

Have you ever experienced the draining feeling that can accompany the effort involved in keeping up the appearance you are trying to present yourself to the world?  Or working to meet what you perceive others expect of you? Trying to reach the goals that you think you ought to reach?  Carrying around the baggage of who you think you are in relation to previous events and thoughts about yourself?

Why do we do this?!

In one of the jokes of life, the effort to maintain an appearance of a sane, functioning human, is one of the things that makes it incredibly difficult to be a sane, functioning human!  Cultural conditioning has painted a picture for us of what we need to be in order to be ‘good enough’, so we work hard to achieve/maintain the illusion that we are that.

But that’s all it is.  An illusion.  We aren’t the character we are presenting to the world.  We are no more that character than an actor is the character they play in any film.  But we take on this role as if it is us.

It is only us in thought.  Who we really are comes before the thought.  Before the illusion of separation between me and you and everything else.  Who we really are is pure and perfect.  It doesn’t need a mask, a character, an ego, the approval of anyone else.  In fact the attempts to maintain the illusion is what keeps us from finding our true nature.  It’s can exhausting bottomless pit to work on this version of ourselves.

Finding who you really are

Exploring who we are

On Wednesday 8th August I will be leading a small seminar exploring this understanding of who we are in more depth. Giving you an opportunity to move beyond who you think you are and discover the treasure that lies beneath. If you would like to join us the details and link for booking are below:

Finding Yourself
Weds 8 August, 15.00 – 16.30
Therapy Life Centre, Southend
Tickets £25 (Early bird tickets £20 until end of July)


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