Finding Yourself

Aug 9, 2018 | Personal Development

What does finding yourself really mean?

Does it mean working out what your passion is?  Finding a special groove for yourself in the world?  Deciding your next career move?  Working out how to behave in certain situations?  Finding some rules to live life by?

Not in my book.

Finding yourself means not resisting.  It means stopping the struggle, the never ending chase to be ‘good enough’, to fit in, to find that groove, to get it right.  To stop living in the imagined future, or reliving history as though it affects us today.  To stop believing the labels that have been placed on you over your life time, by yourself and others.

Without all of that – no chase, no judgement, no fear or expectation – what remains?

That is who you are.

Most people, when asked this question, answer with the realisation that, without all of that, they would be happy, peaceful, free, content. That is who we are.

Finding yourself thread

Who we appear to be in the world is like a thread in a tapestry.  We can only see what our particular thread is doing, and with our judgements and fears, it could look like we are making a right old mess of it.  That other threads are doing better, or hindering us in some way.  However, we can’t see the bigger picture from our position on the path of our piece of thread.  If we could see the overall picture, we would see the perfection of our individual strand.  Whatever we are doing, we are getting it right.  We are doing the only thing that makes sense to us to do at any given moment.  We are being ourselves.

When we get clear on who we are, stop the judging and the chasing, the journey continues – smoothly.  Enjoyably! That is what finding yourself means to me.   No resistance, no judgement, no denying, just you being you.  The only thing you can be.  Perfect.

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