Free to Be Me

Sep 28, 2022 | Free to Be Me

Would you like to feel free?


Sometime; during your journey, you learned that it’s not safe to be fully yourself. Consequently, your true expression has been limited; in at least one way.

You can release yourself from these constraints! Learn to gently understand and remove these limiting beliefs, revealing your true self and taking on the challenge to show up fully in life.

How would things be different if you were free to be you? Dive in and let’s find out! A bit scared? That’s okay, we’ll be doing this gently and compassionately and at your pace.

This four-module course is full of meditations, lessons and exercises. It introduces you to new ideashelps you to break free from old conditioning, encouraging you to push the envelope as you find a new, liberated and healed you.


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Hello, I’m Vicky.

After 12+ years of working 121 with clients, I’ve started creating courses to share the important insights my clients receive, so these benefits can be spread far and wide!

My reach became very limited after becoming a Mum and going into lockdown, but what I had to share was growing all the time! After sitting with this for a while, the push to create my course “Free to Be Me” arose.

I hope you decide to join me on this exciting and thought-provoking journey!


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