I’m Back! (ish)

Aug 24, 2020 | Business Coaching

I say, I’m back – my DWP sponsored maternity period has expired, but really I’m much more “not back”, than I am “back”.  Hence the ish.

To fill you in, I am now the proud mother of an amazing baby girl.  I couldn’t be happier and she couldn’t be any more scrumptious.  However, I had no idea how this parenting lark was going to go and the past 8 months have been an interesting adventure into who I am as a parent.  In fact, the best advice I heard was “If you were on a desert island and there was no one there to judge your parenting choices or make any suggestions, what would you do?” and I’ve been exploring that question as well as I can given that I am constantly seeing/hearing of other people’s ways of doing things.

What none of us could have anticipated, was that my adventure into motherhood would also involve a global pandemic and therefore 2 months of some extreme 121 mother and daughter time.  While this period has no doubt cemented a wonderful bond between us, it has certainly made being able to leave her for any period of time, somewhat challenging.  Going back to the desert island scenario, it naturally comes to me that I will not be leaving her until she is ready for me to do so.  Yes, I know there are lots of schools of thought on getting a child used to being away from you etc, but that’s not what comes naturally to me, so I’m going with my gut instinct that this is what my bubba needs.

So where does that leave my business?  It’s still something I love and want to continue doing for many years to come.  My plan is to do a limited amount of zoom coaching after my partner returns from work in the late afternoon, while I work on creating secure attachments between my daughter and her grandparents, so that in time she will feel comfortable to be with them, without me present.  This will then lend itself to day time zoom calls and eventually face to face.  I hope to get the same point, but just more slowly than I’d originally anticipated! 

I have the global pandemic to thank as well as curse, as it has meant that the majority of people are happy with zoom as a means of holding a meeting.  Afterall, who knows whether Bea would have been happy to be left with grandparents had she not had 2 months without them in her life!!

I do have some thoughts around offering a monthly support package that is ad-hoc email and phone based.  I think there is value in this, but I appreciate that it might not suit everyone, so I’m happy to have a dialogue about how this could work if you think it might be for you.

I am potentially looking at dipping my fingers in a couple of other pies that do not require scheduled time without a baby present.  One avenue is to share information about EMF protection, as it’s something that I’m quite passionate about.  Especially now that I have a small developing being to look after and EMFs are at the highest levels ever and set to increase.  Plus we’re now expecting 1 in 2 of us to get cancer (it was 1 in 3 not so long ago, scary).  If you’re curious to know more about this, check out this link:  http://lddy.no/7t3j  Loads of information and products.

Want to know more about how I can help? Drop me a line or give me a call. A successful coaching relationship depends upon a great rapport, so it’s important to talk. I want to get to know you, see inside your world and we can assess how we’d go from there!