Who we are knows no ‘Wrong’

Sep 14, 2018 | Uncategorised

Following on from my article on the futility of trying to get life right, it felt important to turn attention to why we’re okay not to pursue getting it right.

Simply put, who we really are doesn’t care.  Who we really are cares not what car we drive, how well we are dressed, how tidy or big our house is.  How supportive our partner is or how much fun we have at the weekends.  It is only from the perspective of a separate, finite, egoic self that any of these things appear important.

unconditional love

Who we really are is a perfect essence.  It has no preference. Sees no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’. It is here to experience itself as the unfolding of life.  Whatever form that may take.  It doesn’t need anything to turn out any particular way.  It is perfect already.

We all know this deep within.  That’s why we want to be shown unconditional love.  The operative word being unconditional. Because we know we deserve it without having to be or do anything specific.  We know we are pure and whole exactly as we are.  No matter how messy our hair is, what our marital status is, where we are on the career ladder.

Who is that you, that knows that you are unconditional love?  Well you can put any name on it you like.  Pure Awareness, True Self, God, Universe, Your Higher Self, One.  All these names are talking about the same thing.  They are talking about who we really are.  We ARE what we seek.  Unconditional love, peace, happiness, security, perfection.

There are no life conditions that are right or wrong in the eyes of unconditional love.  Relax, you’re doing it right already.

Want to explore this more in a group?  Great, I have the perfect opportunity coming up.  Click on the image for more detail:

who you really are

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