Reading this post could be life changing

Nov 13, 2018 | Personal Development

The term “life changing” can be so emotive.

A life-changing injury.  A life-changing opportunity.  Having children will change your life.  Being a victim of a crime or trauma is life-changing.  A chance encounter with a stranger could change your life.  And so on and so forth.

So many assertions on how our lives are/could be changed by external events and circumstances.  A belief that will have us living cautiously (or recklessly depending on how we see it).  That will have us seeking out the next miracle cure, next bit of self-development, or adequate insurance and self-defence classes.

life changing leaves

What’s at the heart of the emotional pull of the life-changing concept?

The idea that either:

  1. We aren’t fully okay now and we need our life to change for the better.
  2. We are okay now, but all of that could be lost at any moment and we need to prevent it.

Well, what if I told you that neither of these things are true?  Very easy to believe, yes.  True, no.

The idea that life needs to change, or something life-changing could happen (good or bad) is the work of the ego.  Reasonable and understandable of course.  Because the ego is an apparently ‘separate’ self.  One that is limited by its body, mind and circumstances.  One that sees itself as fixed, tangible, finite.  One for whom things appear favourable or unfavourable.  Which seeks change or fears lack.  And so, from this perspective, it’s normal to seek, or want to avoid life-changing stuff.

But what if we didn’t identify as the separate self?  What if we could see that who we are is not that body/mind/ego.  If we saw that the body/mind/ego is being experienced by who we are.  What if we didn’t buy into the ego’s ideas of how things should be for us to be okay and took a different perspective?

We would experience peace NOW.  Not when, if or after.  Now.  Because peace is our true nature.  We would see the simple joy in knowing that there is nothing that we could gain or lose which can affect whether we are okay or not.  And seeing that is deeply freeing.  Seeing that IS life changing.  It allows us to play the game of life.  Not to try to win at it.  To see the perfection of every moment, without seeking or resisting.  How can we win at life?  That is impossible.  Life is a constantly changing, out of our control stream of events and circumstances that unfold as they unfold.  We are the constant, the observer that is always okay no matter what.

Knowing this, go and play!

(And as you play, keep glancing back in this direction.  Stay in the conversation about your true nature, and where lasting peace and happiness really come from.)

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