Living Intentionally

Nov 6, 2023 | Personal Development

Do you start each day with a clear purpose?

A clear idea of who you are and how you want to show up that day?  Or do you just sort of get up and get on with it?

I first came up with the idea of Living Intentionally as a kind of antithesis to arbitrary goal setting at the beginning of the year.  Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against goal setting in general.  I just don’t like goal setting for the sake of goal setting.  (And for me personally, having a specific goal to hit within a specific time frame seemed to generate quite wild results.  More about that another time perhaps).  That makes me a bit odd as a coach!

Luckily, I’m not the only one who feels like this – my Optimised Life coaching colleague Ali Scott feels exactly the same.  So when we were talking about how we were going to begin our calendar year within our membership, we both knew that it absolutely must not be with goal setting in January.  However, we were both conscious that there was something we wanted to say along those lines.  That is when the Living Intentionally concept came to life. 

But it will be happening in February, as January is just too obvious!

So what is "Living Intentionally"?

Glad you asked!  This takes us back to the original question of how you start your day, or whether you just get up and get on with it.  Living intentionally is all about living with the energy of intention.  Being aware of who you want to be in the world, or how you want to show up, and intentionally acting accordingly.

Sounds really easy right?

Well in theory it is, but in practice, lots of other things get in the way.  Hence the focus for the month of February in our Transformation Academy.

There are lots of things to consider.  Things like time frames. How much time do you want to spend Living Intentionally?  15 minutes of focused energy on it, or maybe it’s a once a week thing for you?  Or maybe the answer coming up for you is a quite simply: ALL THE TIME?!

Perhaps there is some conflict around your intention and what is practical, or what feels safe.  

Or what you believe you SHOULD (ugh, we hate that word) be doing.

Maybe you have absolutely no idea how you want to show up in the world!  Or you do, but don’t have the foggiest where to begin.


It’s okay. 

All of it is okay.

 We have good news for you.  Living Intentionally is a journey and it’s your journey.  It’s about ongoing self-reflection and self-inspection and we are going to hold your hand through it for a full month.  You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, flag up any issues you are having on your odyssey into what living intentionally is for you, and get all the support and tools you need.

“OMG, I need this in my life, how do I sign up!?”  we hear you yell!  

Simple – head on over to the Optimised Life Miracle Membership to join our tribe of travellers on this journey we call life!  And do say hi in our Facebook Group too.


considering how to live intentionally each morning
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