I’m pleased to say I have had my first article published on the Life Coach Directory today.  It’s a reflection on mindset for business owners, with the benefit of my 15 years’ of experiences.

The advice I received that didn’t work for me, and what advice I would offer to myself then and other business owners that are a feeling a bit unsure about which advice (if any) to follow


When I first started my business I received lots of (often unsolicited) advice about how I should present my business, where I needed to advertise, how I really ought to carve out some kind of unique niche, how I needed to think about how I could scale my business, employ other coaches and so on… Advice which, while well-meaning, at the time simply made me feel hugely out of my depth!.

If you want to read the full article, you can find the link below:

Life Coach Directory – Mindset Shifts for Business Owners