Nervous/Insecure Thinking in Business…

Nov 24, 2017 | 3 Principles, Business Coaching

…is totally normal and there’s nothing you need to do to change it.

Everybody in business experiences nervous or insecure thoughts from time to time.  Let me say that once more.  EVERYBODY in business experiences nervous/insecure thinking.

I know I have.  You know you have.  I know that my clients have (they tell me).  I’ve had lots of clients that you might assume would never get nervous/insecure – and when I’ve told people about my own thoughts of nervousness or insecurity they’ve been surprised to hear it.

Nervous insecure thinking in business

Nervousness or insecurity is not a weakness.  It’s not something that you need to stop or change.  It’s a normal function of human thinking. Our thoughts are an energy.  They change all the time.  Just like the tide, the waves, the weather – whatever.  You think of something that changes frequently… our thoughts are like that.

The problem is that we live in a world where we’re constantly seeing or hearing advice about how to get our thinking “right”.  How to get rid of nerves or insecurity.  Working on this is about as fruitful as trying to pin the waves upon the sand (to quote The Sound of Music).

Working on ourselves in this way is suggesting that there is something wrong, when there isn’t.  It’s completely normal for us to experience “good” thoughts and “bad” thoughts.  It’s whether we buy into them and give them power, or whether we see them as inconsequential as that thought we had the other day about what would happen if we put syrup in the washing machine instead of soap.

We didn’t buy into that one, take it as an instruction, or make it mean anything.  We don’t have to buy into our nervous or insecure thinking either.  These thoughts do not mean anything.  We all have an inner business expert who is always with us and can offer us advice and guidance at any time.  Even when we feel nervous or insecure.  All these thoughts are telling us is that we are human.

Nothing more.

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