Your are not your thoughts: Business

May 10, 2018 | Business Coaching

What does knowing that you are not your thoughts mean to business professionals?

Clients and people who attend my seminars get taught an understanding which shows them they they are not their thoughts. They are the ever present awareness that comes before thought, and regardless of what thought may be telling then, whatever situation they are experiencing, this awareness is always okay. Has always been okay and will always be okay.

More often than not, once they’ve felt what I’m saying and the relief that brings to them for their personal concerns, the next thing they want to know is what understanding this means for them in business.


Business thoughts

If you knew you weren’t your thoughts, what would you do differently in business?

What would it mean to you?

On any given day a variety of thoughts pass through your mind, appearing true. These thoughts might be telling you that you aren’t okay if you don’t get some more clients. That you’d be happier if your colleague was a bit nicer to you. That you have way too much to do, and it’s affecting your family. That you have to pursue this specific goal, or stick to these specific restrictions otherwise there will be problems. If you knew that none of this is telling you anything about who you are and whether you are okay or not, what would you do differently?

Pause now to consider it.

You might not get a specific idea right now, but can you see what I’m pointing to?

Thoughts come and go, moods ebb and flow. Who we are remains constant. With this knowledge we are free. The flavour of our thoughts changes. We start noticing that we are behaving differently. Noticing new opportunities, being more compassionate with our colleagues. Having fresh, creative ideas. Making our sales calls without fear…

It’s not intentional behaviour that you do because you feel you should. Quite the opposite. You just find yourself making these changes. Your old behaviour may not make sense to you anymore, or new ways of being just flow from you without any effort.

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