Self Doubting Thoughts

Mar 22, 2023 | Personal Development

Self doubting thoughts pop into your head, just like any other randomly occurring thoughts are capable of doing.  Like “I wonder what I’d eat for breakfast if I did Keto?” or “I could just walk out of the shop with this, no one would notice” or “My name is low down in the alphabet”.

I have never acted on the shoplifting one by the way!  But it just gives an example of the weird and wonderful combinations of words that pop into our minds on a daily basis.  Many of which we just ignore, some of which make us laugh.  But when the thought that pops in is a self doubting thought, our ego’s are hard wired to take it seriously and believe that there is some kind of threat.  It’s important to mention at this point that the ego is constantly on the look out for threats as it is, by nature, insecure.  Just because the ego latches onto a thought doesn’t make it any more significant than another one.  Except in your experience. 

So what would happen if you decided to give the self doubting thoughts as much significance as the “My name is low down in the alphabet thoughts?” as in you realise that the content of the thought and the thought itself are of no consequence to you and your wellbeing?

I’m not going to answer that question for you.  😊 It’s one for you to sit with and see what you think.  However, you might be wondering, HOW you would do that?  Well you could try something simple like saying to the thought “It doesn’t matter!” or “Not true!” or “I spotted you, but I choose not to believe you anymore!”  Have fun with it!



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