Stand in Truth

May 3, 2019 | Uncategorised

Do you play small, for fear of appearing superior?

Do you spend time trying to look right, sound right and do the right thing, in order to ‘fit in’?

Do you hide your light, because it’s so bright it scares you?              

Do you chase success, relationship goals and perfect hair because you’re worried about being seen to not be good enough?

Do you ever do anything that doesn’t feel like it’s genuinely “you”?

If you can say ”yes” to any of these questions, that’s perfectly natural.  We’re conditioned to see ourselves as separate and comparable.  To fear judgement and condemnation.  But what happens when we live from that perspective?  It doesn’t matter what we do or achieve, a yearning remains.  A gentle pull, tugging at the back of somewhere, letting us know that something isn’t quite right about all this.  That yearning is the truth of who we are, gently nudging for attention.  Not letting us totally forget that we have never been separate.  That we can never be found to be lacking, or too much.  Not at the level that matters.

It can be scary, to listen to that call.  The call to stand in truth.  For fear of the unknown.  The ego vies for our attention, warning us that it’s not safe to shine our light that brightly.  To let go of its shackles and limitations.  To see ourselves as much more than we’ve come to think of ourselves as being.  Because what happens when we do?

The answer is we realise we’re home.  We find the source of all that we are.  Courage, power, love, peace and security.  It’s found in stepping into the Awareness of who we are.  Not in chasing it in the outside world.  We begin the endless quest to gently peel back the layers of the ego and find our authentic truth.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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