Tag: Finding Yourself

Finding Yourself

What does finding yourself really mean? Does it mean working out what your passion is?  Finding a special groove for yourself in the world?  Deciding your next career move?  Working out how to behave in certain situations?  Finding some rules to live life by? Not in... Read more

An Ordinary Weirdo

For around a decade now I have been on a very very ordinary spiritual journey. When we speak of spirituality, we might imagine incense burning, chanting, communicating with deceased relatives or other worldly beings, casting aside all possessions and going on a quest... Read more

Finding who we really are

Have you ever experienced the draining feeling that can accompany the effort involved in keeping up the appearance you are trying to present yourself to the world?  Or working to meet what you perceive others expect of you? Trying to reach the goals that you think you... Read more