The Business Of The Planet

May 25, 2022 | Business Coaching, True Nature

Even if we meet the goals that were set at COP26, scientists predict that we have less than a 5% chance of keeping the warming of the planet sufficiently low to avoid a sea-level rise that will displace millions of people and to avoid widespread, simultaneous crop failure by as early as 2040.  My daughter, Bea, will be 20 then.  This is really f***ing scary.  I am terrified.  I spend time considering and changing my personal impact and wondering how best to support those who are working so hard to change the situation at the top.  And I also spend a fair amount of time thinking about how to prepare my family for this future and (as I’m sure do a lot of other people) trying not to think about it.

business responsibility

Coaching for Eco Businesses

For a long time, I have been keen to use my business to support this change too.  Today, the previously un-thought idea popped into my mind “Offer a discount on your Business Coaching to Eco-Businesses”.  This might sound odd, that it hadn’t occurred to me before, but it hadn’t.  I’ve been keen to help that area of industry for a while, and there are many types of businesses that I definitely wouldn’t offer business support to, but I just twigged today “I care about the survival and wellbeing of my daughter beyond 2040 much more than I do about my income” and thus the decision to offer reduced rates and packages to support Eco businesses and Eco startups has been born.

Free to Be Me

The other way that I hope I can help with my business is through my online programme Free to Be Me.  Many of us want to do more to change the direction we are headed but are too scared to be branded “hippy wrongdoers” if we support the likes of XR.  Or are too entrenched in the general standard of living that we and our peers live to consider breaking the mould and doing something wildly different in the way we choose to live our lives.  Or even to do something simple, like changing who we bank with – taking our money away from the perpetrators and keeping it with those who are trying to make the change, because of perceived obstacles.  

When the idea for this programme came into my mind, I didn’t realise the link between it and supporting the change necessary for our planet, but once I had written out the course content it was so clear.  It’s not just about feeling better within yourself.  Being “free to be me” also means being willing to be unpopular or inconvenienced to live in alignment with what you truly believe in.

So, yeah, when I’m not being terrified, I am pumped to at least try my bloody hardest in whichever ways I can to change the future of this lovely little place we call earth.  For the sake of my daughter and your children and their children and all the generations to come.  


With love and hope.  xx

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