Time Management tactics for procrastinators (and why they don’t work)

Jan 26, 2018 | Business Coaching

There are a plethora of time management tools and tactics out there, that work really well for some people…

…but adopted as a strategy for tackling procrastination and poor organisation behaviours, we are really looking at putting the cart before the horse.

What do I mean by this?

Well let’s look at what’s going on when someone is procrastinating, or working in a way that doesn’t necessarily make logical sense to the average business coach. This behaviour is a symptom that they are not currently operating in an optimal state. In other words their innate wisdom is being blocked by a head that’s full of thought. They might even be buying into ideas that are pointing them further away from their own wisdom on the most effective way to work. For example believing that the work they are about to face is difficult, or believing insecure thoughts about themselves and their abilities. Taken seriously this can be paralysing.

The content of the thought is not important though. When it comes to someone’s ability to work effectively or get caught in procrastination, it’s just the fact that they are jammed up. Being in a jammed up state means that good ideas, ideal ways of working and so forth, will not be flowing through the person in question.


time management tactics

If this person then comes to the conclusion that they need to deploy time management strategies while they are in that procrastination state, they are actually adding more thought. Trying to solve the problem with the same thing that caused it. They may temporary get some work done, but long term the behaviour will not improve.

So what’s the answer?

Simply understanding that you are in a state of revved up thought and not doing anything to try to change it, then gives space for your thoughts to clear and your mind to return to a state of clarity. This is the natural way that it works. We are designed to return to an equilibrium, but society teaches us that we need to work on it, to work hard and take responsibility. Believing this keeps us from our innate excellence.

time management procrastination

The mistake of using time management tactics when we’re in a jammed up state (procrastination)

A different understanding, the understanding I teach my clients, allows them to return more frequently to wellbeing. The state in which the best way forward with their work will be obvious and it will feel good. That may well include a decision to take on a tool to manage their workflow, but it will feel good, rather than ‘should’.

Sounds good and you want to explore this understanding further?

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