True nature. Be-ing you. The beginner’s guide series.

Nov 26, 2018 | Personal Development, True Nature

Last week we began by exploring the body and saw how the essence of us does not appear to live within the body. (If you missed that blog post you can find it here).  We’re going to explore this a bit further today.

true nature being human


Human Be-ing 

Did you know that neuroscientists have worked hard to find the origin of consciousness inside the brain, but as yet, they have been unsuccessful!?

Before exploring this understanding of our true nature, we would have believed that consciousness resides within the brain and that we are human beings, having an experience of a fixed external world.  Now doubt has been cast on that idea.  We cannot be sure that we are an individual human with an internal sense of awareness.  We can be sure that there is a sense of awareness.  And within that awareness, a sense of ‘us’ is experienced.  So, let’s look a little bit closer at the ‘us’ we’ve assumed ourselves to be.

What we seem to have is a localised sense of self.  It seems to be linked to our body, as we have awareness of sensations of the body.  Yet when we dream, do we not also have sensations of the body?  Do we not also experience sight, sound, smell, taste, pain and pleasure as though the experience in the dream is real and is happening to our actual physical body?

Can we actually know our body, without sensation, without awareness?  Of course not.  We know “I am” and within the sense of “I am” we know the sense of a body.  From birth, we are taught that is “your” body and this is “my” body.  Eventually, we take that understanding on as truth – since everyone around us is pointing in that same direction.  And thus the idea of a separate self is born.  NOT at the moment that our actual body is born.

The idea of a distinction between you and me creates two things.  Comparison and a need to ensure that this apparently separate entity of me survives.  Aka, the ego.  We explore this more in the next instalment, which you can find here!  For now, let’s leave it at the understanding that a human be-ing, is when the sense of being (aka I am/consciousness) is aware of a body, but that this same ‘being’ is not limited to the body.

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