You Already See True Nature

Mar 25, 2019 | True Nature

Another blog post in the ‘Beginners guide to true nature’ series.

I find myself being very gentle in my sharing. Whether writing, speaking or coaching 121. Taking my clients on a journey from the way they are taught to see something, to a fundamentally different understanding.  Yet, when we get there, it’s never a surprise.  It’s the most normal shift.  So while the concepts and ideas that my colleagues and I share are counter our culture’s conditioning, they are profoundly normal and recognisable, when you give them a moment to settle in.

Here are a few that you’ll recognise:

I am not my body

You’ve had the experience of walking or driving along, attention on many things other than the walking or driving, yet the body still gets where it’s going. It doesn’t trip up, fall down, stop moving, crash the car. It doesn’t require effort from you to keep it on its path. But the sense of you was not with your body and didn’t need to be. Why? Because your true nature is not limited to your body.

We share a being

You’ve had the experience of some impulse making you look up, only to catch the eye of a person you’ve never seen before. You smile warmly at one another in recognition. Or maybe you feel drawn to make physical contact with others (humans and animals) touching the arm, a hug. We limit whom we contact to those it is socially recognised as being appropriate to touch, but even a hug from a stranger can feel like home. Why?  Because the being we share is recognising itself in others.

I am not separate

Have you ever dreamt of an experience and then it happened?  Or thought of a person then they get in touch. Have you ever felt elation or sadness on behalf of an apparent stranger?  Or put the needs of someone else before your own needs. Have you ever felt the pleasure of giving or of helping someone else?  Could that be because there is no separation between us and others?

I am whole and complete already

Have you ever woken up in the morning, blissful and peaceful, before conditioned thought returned of what appeared to need your attention? Perhaps you’ve had the experience of something “going wrong” only to notice a deep sense of peace underlying everything. Or you’ve noticed how, even when you feel terrible, these terrible feelings are not consistent. They are interspersed with calm feelings, with happiness or a sense of okayness.  Could it be that your true nature is not the body and mind and therefore you are able to feel complete, regardless of the circumstance your body/mind finds itself in? 

There is something bigger than me at play.

Whether you are religious, spiritual, agnostic, atheist etc., everyone has some sense of these being something else. Something unexplainable.  It may only be the tiniest background feeling. It’s this belief that drives superstitious behaviour, wishing for good luck, praying to whomever or whatever. Even wondering how things turned out the way they did, or marvelling at the supreme intelligence of nature.  All of these behaviours and thought patterns are a recognition that the body-mind is not in control of their circumstances.

I am the Knower and the Known

You’ve looked into the eyes of a baby, person or animal and felt an uncanny feeling that they know everything there is to know about you.  Or you’ve sensed the impossibility of anything existing separate to you knowing it.  The you that is doing the knowing and being known isn’t the separate person you think yourself to be.  It’s the You that you really are.  The Knower and the Known.

Summary – You already know this

This article is important.  It points us back to knowing that we already know.  That there isn’t anywhere to get to.  That there isn’t anyone else who is more spiritual than you are, and that you don’t need to do anything in order to be more awake.  It points to the fact that this is something you know, and have always known.  Sure, from time to time you forget that you know.  The best thing about forgetting is, of course, remembering.  Maybe it takes a person or a book to point it back out to you, but you can’t remember something you didn’t already know.

For those of you who are “Yeah, but”-ing, of course, each of these things can be explained from a perspective of being separate humans.  That’s what we’ve been taught to do all our lives.  How is living, believing that we are separate humans working out for us?  Why not put your scepticism to one side for a few moments and sit in wonder at the recognition of your experience?  Wonder at what your true nature really is.

Thanks for reading. x

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