Employee Emotional Wellbeing Seminars

Introducing “The Inside-Out Approach to Emotional Wellbeing”.  Seminars for employees in the Southend* area.

*seminars can be arranged for outside of the area, but will not be subject to the same deal described on this page.

Thanks to the Public Health Responsibility Deal Southend, I’m pleased to be able to offer my popular Employee Emotional Wellbeing seminars for free to businesses and organisations in the Southend District (Shoeburyness to Leigh-on-Sea), so more individuals can have their perspective on Emotional Wellbeing turned inside-out!

What is the Responsibility Deal?

Funded by Southend Borough Council, the Responsibility Deal provides an opportunity for employers to provide workplace wellness opportunities to their staff.  Supporting improved health, emotional wellbeing, reduced absence, improved motivation, retention and productivity.  It’s a win-win for employers and employees and a no-brainer as it’s free!

The Inside-Out Approach to Emotional Wellbeing

My involvement comes under the Emotional Wellbeing banner.  As part of the deal I can provide a series of 6 seminars to your workforce, that challenge conditioned thinking around wellbeing, enabling attendees to see themselves, their circumstances and emotions in a new light.  These sessions free people from the beliefs that the conditions of their life “out there” need to be a certain way, for them to feel okay “in here”.  We’ll be exploring a paradigm shift in the understanding of emotional wellbeing, by clarifying the difference between what is an ego driven desire and what is a true need.  When the ego’s desires are seen for what they are, the suffering experienced by the individual completely shifts.  This understanding impacts all areas of life – work, home, relationships etc.

Likely benefits:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Better relationships between teams/customers/suppliers
  • Clearer thinking
  • Improved sense of self-esteem/confidence etc
  • Motivated and inspired teams
  • A greater sense of emotional wellbeing, in and outside of work

At Browns Solicitors we only have a small team, so it is very noticeable if one of us is not feeling ourselves or has to take time off for health reasons. We therefore make it a priority to consider our Employee’s wellbeing and actively encourage our staff to come up with ideas of things we can all do to help reduce stress, have a better work life balance and help us all support each other. Having Vicky attend the office for a two hour session with us all, to take us right back to basics and educate us on what is happening in our bodies and minds when a stressful situation arises has really helped us all to deal with difficult clients and every day stresses and to more tolerant of each other in the work place. I would highly recommend inviting Vicky into your work space.

Jane Lodeto

Browns Solicitors

Vicky has introduced our business to “The Inside Out” way of thinking.

It’s been like a breath of fresh air. It has taught me that on those days when you find it hard to focus, or to prioritise your endless list of jobs or pressures from running a business, it’s “okay to not feel okay”. It’s empowering to know that it will pass and once you are in your quiet headspace again, all your creative ideas will start to flow and decisions become easier.

We have introduced our staff to the “inside out” theory. I wanted them to also experience the freedom that “inside out thinking” allows you to have, which in turn reflects in their persona when delivering classes to our pupils.

Julie Noble

Principal, Julie Noble School of Performing Arts

The Programme of Seminars

Firstly, it doesn’t have to be a set programme.  My preference is for us to speak in advance to find out about you as an orgaisation, so I can provide something which best fits your needs, within the framework that I teach.  It’s even possible to split 6 sessions into 2 lots of 3 if your teams run shifts and that’s the only way to make it work.  However, if you want a rough idea of what a 6 seminar programme would cover, the below is a typical example:

  1. Understanding Yourself & the Ego 
  2. Finding Emotional Wellbeing (regardless of circumstances)
  3. Improving Relations with Others
  4. Confidence & Self-Worth
  5. Handling Challenging Situations & Emotions
  6. Clear Thinking & Decision Making

The first session is the most important paradigm shift and is what stands this work apart from other things on the market.  With this understanding, the seminars build to the more specific elements.

I’m sold!  Where do I sign?

If you are Southend Borough Council based, there is funding available for these sessions.  Please get in touch so we can have a chat about when we can arrange these sessions and whether there are any specific needs within your company for me to take into consideration.  I’ll also connect you with Angela Squires at Southend Borough Council who will check your elligibility for the funding and sign you up.

These are group seminars, however, if you are a sole-trader or micro-business and know other sole traders etc that would be interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, you can club together and we can organise to provide the same service to you as a group, so please get in touch.

Want to know more about how I can help? Drop me a line or give me a call. A successful coaching relationship depends upon a great rapport, so it’s important to talk. I want to get to know you, see inside your world and we can assess how we’d go from there!