Resilience Culture Programme – reduce stress in your workplace

Nov 9, 2017 | Executive Coaching

For organisations where stress is a big issue.

One of my missions in life is to help awaken people to the truth that no matter what is going on around you – you are fundamentally okay. This understanding is the end to all emotional suffering.  In a workplace where stress and pressure are as common as cups of tea, this information could not be more worthwhile.  We all have this inner resilience that we can access in even the toughest of conditions…


resilience culture

Develop a resilience culture in your company

The Resilience Culture Programme is designed to create an environment in which people learn to turn to their own inner resilience to deal with apparent difficult scenarios, rather than resort to blame, shame, stress or suffering in silence.  The teachings happen monthly in small groups, so that those involved have regular tops ups from me, and can also turn to each other when their own understanding slips, to be gently guided back into knowing that they are fundamentally okay.

Create a culture of resilience, and you will also bring freedom from stress, improved relationships and empathy.  Better creativity and wellbeing to your workplace.  This can all be achieved without having to sign yourselves up to a company Tough Mudder (unless you really want to do one)!

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