Busting the Confidence Myth Recording

Catch up on the seminar when it suits you…

If you missed this seminar, you didn’t miss out. 

It was recorded and is now available for viewing.  This is the fourth seminar in a series of 6.  The other 5 you can either join live (in person) or catch up on the videos later.

Seminar Synopsis

“If only I was more confident, I would….” 

The truth is, you cannot be ‘more’ or ‘less’ confident. Confidence is nothing more than the absence of self-doubt. It’s the default state. When we change our understanding of the self that is doubting, everything changes.

This recording is a must for anyone who feels like they need more confidence. You don’t, but please watch and I’ll help you to see that for yourself.

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To watch this seminar in the comfort of your own home, as many times as you like – allowing the transformational message plenty of opportunities to sink it – simply click the buy now button below to purchase access.  You are also welcome to message me if you have a question you’d have liked to be able to ask, had you been there in person.

Tickets are £25

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