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All businesses stand to benefit from using a business coach. Don’t just take it from me, ask around. You see your business coach gives you access to a range of support that is invaluable in business. She is your confidant, your mentor, the one who challenges you when you are shirking off, guides you when you get a bit lost and brings expertise and knowledge to the table which you might not have yourself. Using a Business Coach is like looking in the mirror and seeing the truth. Her job is to remind you what is really important to the authentic you, and keeps you accountable for moving in that direction. Whatever that direction may be for you. Whether you wish to:
  • Start a business
  • Grow your existing business to use current capacity
  • Upscale your business to create more capacity (and the respective demand)
  • Bring a sustainability emphasis into your approach and profile
  • Organise and improve processes in your existing business
  • Improve Leadership & Management practices to get more from your team
  • Prepare your business for your exit
The business coach I’m referring to is of course me. I don’t want to work with all businesses. I want to work with companies who want to do ‘good’ business. To see you grow and excel. To help you establish your unique difference and your competitive advantage. To deliver that in a message that helps your customers choose you with ease, every time. To help you make your back-end processes work in a way that helps you drift off to sleep every night, knowing everything is in order.

I am a business coach with a heart. If you’re after a ruthless attack dog, that’s not me. If you’re after someone who cares passionately about people, the planet and profits for those who are doing things sustainably, then I’m the coach for you. I know all the important *business stuff* you might need guidance on (because having a heart will only get you so far), but I won’t bore you with that now. I want to offer you an opportunity to explore using me as your business coach or mentor and I’m not as expensive as you might think.  There are discounted coaching bundles available for Eco-Businesses.

Our vision is clear, everyone in the business buys in and we’re moving in the right direction. Revenue has increased each year in a sustainable way with Vicky’s Business Coaching help being a major part of that.
Jon Law


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