I have been working with Vicky for several years. 

I find our conversations very thought provoking. She also gives me the opportunity to explore my thought process, challenges my thinking and guides me to an answer that is wholeheartedly mine.  She genuinely cares and invests her time, which I value. 

Her mix of personal and business coach for me is ideal, as so much (especially since Covid) is interwoven. 
I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her. 

Vicky is there to help you manage change: that is, she is there to help you manage change for the better, so that you can become more effective.

I sought Vicky’s help at a time when some elements of my professional life were not panning out as I had wished.

I had started to make changes. Vicky was there to support those but, more importantly, ask me questions about other areas where I had made no change. This brought about a step change in my thinking. The result is, I spend more time promoting my business to others and; at the same time, work more efficiently for my growing client base.

My business now has a better, more secure base and I am a happier person. The onward and upward journey for me will now be an even more pleasant one!

Have an initial meeting with Vicky. You do not have anything to lose!

Richard Bull-Domican

New Era

Vicky is such a wonderful woman and Business Coach.  The calmest, most supportive person.

Mel Poole

Virtual Admin Assistance

We started working with Vicky 3 or 4 years ago, it’s been a successful partnership. She’s challenged and cajoled, nudged and nagged and got us singing from the same hymn sheet.

Our vision is clear, everyone in the business buys in and we’re moving in the right direction. Revenue has increased each year in a sustainable way with Vicky’s help being a major part of that.

We wouldn’t be where we are without her.

Vicky is great to work with. She’s a lovely person, who helps you get things done, sweeps away confusion and replaces it with clarity. If you want to grow your business get her on board!

Jon Law


I met Vicky at a networking club a few years back and was immediately taken with her friendly, pleasant and terrifically professional manner – I thought back then if my organisation ever needs any training I hope she will deliver it for me.

We as a group have asked for help in our leadership and management – Vicky has given us direction as a management team and has really pushed our thinking – she delivers all her messages with a friendly smile and is an absolute pleasure to invite into our business – she also goes above and beyond in terms of this leadership actually giving advice on live situations.

In short transacting with Vicky with this and in fact probably all of her courses should be seen as invaluable to any business – we will all always have something to learn!

Jamie Lewis

Affinity Mortgages

I thoroughly enjoyed my first group coaching session with Vicky. I felt a shift in my perspective and a sense of freedom when reminded of how our thoughts do not affect our inner awareness. Our inner being is always ok. By becoming the observer, we can watch our thoughts like passing clouds in the sky. What I also enjoyed about the session was how the group actively participated in discussion, and we giggled lots. I don’t think the group will forget the “running mugger” thought! Thank you Vicky for a light hearted, humble and insightful session.
Laura Phillips

Dance Teacher

Vicky has a natural ability to encourage and subtly bring about change, through either looking at long-term or short-term targets and bringing them together with steps in between. With careful thought and preparation that goes into the session on Vicky’s part, the time flew by as we discussed seemingly insignificant aspects, which had much greater baring on than I anticipated. I would have no hesitation in recommending Vicky to friends or colleagues, and to anyone in business who cares about their well being, or those wanting to improve themselves
Jon I

Working with Vicky was really thought provoking and she gave me lots of good insights on how to think more positively about the things I was finding difficult. It really increased my confidence which I have maintained to this day.


Since investing in Vicky’s services, I have managed to increase my sales by 30% in the first month. Oh, and I feel great about myself too. I am confident, happy, focused and already realising that I was always a success, but didn’t believe it.
R Snow

Leigh on Sea, Essex

Vicky provides a very efficient and detailed service that is very personable and directed towards the best interests of her clients. This had led to me now having direction and focus in the next stage of my search for a second career. I unequivocally recommend Vicky and her service to anyone who requires assistance with finding who they are and what they are in order to ascertain what they want from a second career!
P Alexander


I booked a one off session with Vicky for myself and my son as we wanted some ideas on how to change our business.  Vicky used a structured approach to lead the meeting, but by asking the right questions, encouraged us to come up with the right answers ourselves. We both felt this one off meeting helped clarify our vision of the business for the future, set realistic goals and decide how we would achieve this.
J Willis

Leigh on Sea

When I first met Vicky I thought I had gone as far as I wanted in my career. I enjoyed my job and felt I was good at it. I had no aspiration to progress any further than I had. Vicky was able to make me see things from a different angle and soon I was thinking “why shouldn’t I try to progress?” Already I have made another step “up the ladder”, even though it’s only in an “acting” role, I now have the motivation and desire to WANT to progress my career. If I had never been a client of Vicky’s I’d still be in the same role. Vicky is someone I would highly recommend for life or career coaching.
Steve Mason


I feel so much calmer and more in control now. I don’t get stressed out by the same situations anymore. Even my husband has noticed the difference!
G Smith


Want to know more about how I can help? Drop me a line or give me a call. A successful coaching relationship depends upon a great rapport, so it’s important to talk. I want to get to know you, see inside your world and we can assess how we’d go from there!