Finding who we really are

Have you ever experienced the draining feeling that can accompany the effort involved in keeping up the appearance you are trying to present yourself to the world?  Or working to meet what you perceive others expect of you? Trying to reach the goals that...

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Change Management

...and why we avoid change. If there is one thing that we can be certain of in life, it’s that we can’t be certain of anything.  Absolutely everything that we consider real or solid in our lives is subject to change at some point and in some...

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Wellbeing in the workplace

I provide bespoke training, seminars and 121s for clients who want to help their employees maintain wellbeing in the workplace. My approach is totally different to what’s considered the ‘normal’ approach to this currently prolific issue, so I wanted to...

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My bravest article yet

Up until now, all of the articles that I have written about the human experience have been designed to be accessible, to be relatable.  To be read at a level that pretty much anyone could ‘get’ what I’m pointing to.  To gently point readers in a direction...

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Your are not your thoughts: Business

What does knowing that you are not your thoughts mean to business professionals? Clients and people who attend my seminars get taught an understanding which shows them they they are not their thoughts. They are the ever present awareness that...

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