Why can’t we all stick to schedules?

You know that bit of you that doesn’t like being told what to do?  I know it well, it’s a part of the reason I’m self-employed.  Well do you think that part of you likes being told what to do by YOU anymore than it likes being told what to do by anyone...

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I write this post on “International Day of Happiness” with so much love bursting forth from my heart that I don’t know what to do with it.  Until I get a better idea, I’m using it to fuel this article! What’s international day of happiness got to do with...

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Leadership & Management Training

Leadership & Management training Affordable bespoke training, for the needs of your company and team... A leader’s job is not an easy one, but it can be much more so when leadership and management are come at with the right understanding.  With a clearer...

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5 benefits ISO 14001 Brings to Businesses

Business ethics are important to me, so here is a guest post on ISO 14001 As a coach who works with businesses, I am always keen to share thoughts on how working ethically and in an environmentally conscious way can bring huge benefits within the business....

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Where does stress really come from?

Let’s go on an adventure to understand what stress really is… Stress is a feeling.  A feeling that comes from thought.  That’s it. However...! It looks to us, as we go around living our human lives, working in our human jobs, trying to meet the...

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